What are the advantages of the Turkish passport?

الجواز التركي

One of the advantages of the Turkish passport is entry to 72 countries without a visa and obtaining a visa from the airport to 42 other countries, and the Turkish passport is among the best 30 passports in the world

And after the Turkish government proposes the amendment to the investment laws to foreign investors wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship for them and their families due to the advantages that can be obtained from the Turkish passport, many people have accepted to benefit from this law, either by purchasing a property worth 250 thousand dollars or from By depositing 500 thousand dollars in a Turkish bank or through other investment methods.

Today, in this article, we will mention the advantages of the Turkish passport and what benefits the holder of this nationality will get.

Before we know the advantages of the Turkish passport, we must classify the types of passports in Turkey and be as follows:

  • The red passport :

It is the normal passport that all citizens get, including investors who have obtained Turkish citizenship

  • Green passport :

It shall be a passport for high-ranking officers

  • Gray passport :

For workers in the diplomatic sector in Turkey

  • The black passport :

It is special for officers who work outside Turkey

After we got acquainted with the types of the Turkish passport, we come to mention the advantages of the Turkish passport and mention the most important of them :

  • The Turkish passport gives you full citizenship rights so that you can vote in the Turkish elections
  • Ease of extracting the Turkish passport, after obtaining the citizenship, you can extract the passport within a week only
  • The ability to travel to more than 70 countries around the world without any prior visa
  • You can travel to more than 30 countries and obtain a visa upon arrival at the airport
  • It is easy for you to obtain a Schengen visa

In terms of countries that can be visited without a visa, the Turkish passport ranks among the top 30 passports in the world.

How much is classified in terms of state power, economy, transactions and facilities among the 20 best passports in the world?

Now, after we got acquainted with the types and advantages of the Turkish passport, some may ask why did they choose Turkey in the first place?

The answer here needs a long explanation, but we will try to be a general idea and a simple comparison between Turkey and the countries that you can obtain its nationality through investment.

Advantages of Turkey in general :

Turkey has many advantages that make the world want to settle in it, and these matters come for several reasons, the most important of which are:

  • Turkish economic and industrial strength

Turkey is among the top twenty in the world in terms of industrial and economic terms, where it ranked thirteenth, and all economic analysts indicate that Turkey will be among the top ten countries around the world after 2023.

  • The great development

There is no doubt that those who visited Turkey before the year 2000 noticed the very great development that Turkey worked on in all respects, starting with the infrastructure such as transportation, which most cities have a huge transportation network that replaces the use of cars, and modern hospitals have been established that outperform hospitals in the world in terms of technology. And the equipment, the last of which was Chan Hospital, which was opened in 2020 by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

  • Education

As a family, the first thing any father or mother thinks about is the level of education that their children will get when they settle in Turkey.Turkey has a large number of public and private universities that some universities outperform the global ranking of European universities and are considered even less expensive, and Turkey also has private schools And the government is studying different types of curricula.

الجواز التركي داخل المقال

These are the most important advantages that we have mentioned, and of course there are many other advantages, including the cultural and cultural diversity in Turkey, the natural beauty of Turkey and the preservation of its heritage despite the great development.

Now let’s make a simple comparison between the costs of obtaining Turkish citizenship and some other countries that you can obtain.

Turkish citizenship can be obtained by buying a property or several real estate worth 250 thousand dollars or by depositing an amount of 500 thousand dollars in a Turkish bank for a period of 3 years or by purchasing government bonds of the same value and all of these fall under the investment list and you are here benefiting from the profits That you can collect and also your money is there.

In some other countries, obtaining the nationality of the country is possible, and we mention of them:

  • Britain, you must deposit an amount of 2 million euros
  • Some European Union countries, 500,000 euros, are non-refundable
  • Dominica $ 150,000 is non-refundable

In Turkey, you are investing this amount while preserving it, and this is one of the strongest advantages of the Turkish passport

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