10 advantages of buying a property in Turkey

شراء عقار في تركيا

Turkey has many advantages that make us think and take the decision to buy a property in Turkey either to obtain Turkish citizenship or to obtain real estate residence in Turkey Turkey is among the most important destinations for Arabs, tourists and foreign investors and from all parts and countries of the world

The most important and best features that can be used when buying a property in Turkey:

  • You can obtain Turkish citizenship for the owner, wife and children under the age of 18 by simply buying a property in Turkey or a total of real estate worth up to 250 thousand dollars.
  • You can apply for real estate residency, which is a residence for a period of one to three years and is renewable in the event that you buy a property in Turkey or several properties of less than 250 thousand dollars.
  • The possibility of also obtaining one of the most powerful passports in the world, after obtaining Turkish citizenship.
  • In the event that you buy a property for investment, you have the possibility of achieving a very profitable return on investment, as Turkey is a tourist country with distinction, and therefore you have the possibility to rent your property during the tourism seasons at excellent prices.
  • Turkey is considered among the most beautiful countries in the Middle East, and its distinct geography that connects 3 continents with the East and the West makes you live an unparalleled experience.
  • Also, among the advantages, Turkey is an open road for investors to link their foreign investments between East and West.
  • The educational system in Turkey is considered a successful system par excellence, so that this will be a good opportunity to study and train your children in prestigious Turkish universities, with the availability of many international schools in various specializations, languages and scientific references.
  • Turkish society is a somewhat conservative society and its culture is very close to the Arab and Eastern culture.
  • With its strong infrastructure and high quality, Turkey is still among the countries with a relatively low cost of living compared to neighboring countries and Europe.

Some of the other reasons that encourage you to buy a property in Turkey:

Turkey’s environment is one of the best areas to live in around the world, so that, for example, investment in European countries may require huge money in addition to the high cost of living, but if we look at the quality and style of life that Turkey offers, we will find it comparable to those of Europe and the newest countries in the world.

Also, you can find a house or apartment in Turkey at very reasonable prices, so that the Turkish real estate market has become a market full of opportunities and real estate offers such as villas for sale, homes for sale, lands and other real estate in the country.

There are many natural and attractive factors in Turkey that call for attention and mention in this article, such as the Turkish economy that is based on strong foundations and continues to grow, the wonderful and suitable climate for living, and the most important of which is the large real estate market that achieves continuous growth every day, and also its regions that are considered International attractions, historical and tourist attractions that attract tourists from different parts of the world.

شراء عقار في تركيا داخل المقال

Real estate investment in Turkey is the best way to expand your business in Turkey and take advantage of the most important advantages of buying a property in Turkey, as it is said that … and all the projects that have been completed have brought Turkey and its states to global and record levels. Which puts the investor in front of great options and great opportunities through which he can earn in various fields in the real estate investment sector.

Finally, why should we buy a property in Turkey?

  • In Turkey, you can get a beautiful house for very little money compared to what you would pay if you wanted to buy a house in European countries and the surrounding region.
  • Real estate in Istanbul is among the best options for ownership in Turkey, as it is located next to a distinctive social and natural environment and also because it provides a wide range of options for commercial and non-commercial stores, apartments and villas.
  • The cost of cheap living is more than 50% of the cost of living in one of the European countries and sometimes also Arab countries.
  • Also, people can live with an excellent standard of living while achieving a steady income, as the lifestyle in Turkey is balanced and the prices are reasonable.

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