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الجواز التركي

What are the advantages of the Turkish passport?

One of the advantages of the Turkish passport is entry to 72 countries without a visa and obtaining a visa from the airport to 42 other countries, and the Turkish passport is among the best 30 passports in the world And after the Turkish government proposes the amendment to the investment laws to foreign investors wishing to obtain Turkish citizenship for them and their families due to the advantages...



It is worth noting that Istanbul was the capital of many civilizations throughout the ages of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Latin Empire, and Istanbul, the city of magic and beauty in Turkey and the economic capital in it (the administrative capital of Ankara) Geography: Istanbul is considered one of the largest Turkish cities, with an area of 6220 km, and it is divided into two parts...

الاستقرار في تركيا

Stability in Turkey 2020

Many people in recent years turn to stability in Turkey, because it offers an environment close to our culture and also the lack of a sponsor and can work in several areas, and often a person has many inquiries about stability in Turkey and what are the costs and legal methods, in this article we will get to know On all these procedures and steps that can be followed in all cases to live and settle in...

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