The 6 most important conditions for owning a property in Turkey

تملك عقار في تركيا

Steps and conditions for owning a property in Turkey (apartments – shops – lands …), the required papers and documents, taxes and advice that real estate buyers in Turkey should pay attention to and the legal position

The most important 6 conditions for owning a property in Turkey:

First : One of the conditions for owning a property in Turkey is that the buyer must come to Turkey to sign the purchase contract, and if the buyer is not able to come to Turkey, there is the possibility of sending someone to represent him in the purchase process, through an officially designated private agency.

Second : You must verify the title deed (ownership) during the purchase of the property in Turkey, you must ensure that the property is free of any debts or loans, or any other problems, by checking the title deed, and it is done by a lawyer who is in charge of the subject, but most of the time We always find that real estate companies in Turkey, including Advance Real Estate, have reliable Turkish lawyers or these companies deal with reliable lawyers, This is in order for the lawyer to organize all the sales procedures from the sale contract that includes all the conditions and details related to the purchased property, and also inform the buyer of all the obligations contained in the property purchase contract in Turkey and the maintenance of all the rights of the owner of the property.

Third : Among the conditions for owning a property in Turkey, it is necessary to open a bank account in a Turkish bank, in order to transfer the estimated financial amount to buy the property from the buyer’s country to the Turkish bank.

Fourth : And among the conditions for owning a property in Turkey, the buyer must extract a tax number from any tax department in Turkey, and for information, the tax number is a number that is given to every Turkish or foreign citizen to facilitate his official and tax transactions in Turkey.

Fifth : Among the conditions for owning a property in Turkey, the seller and the buyer must go to the real estate office – the Tabu – in order for the seller to assign the property (apartment – store – land – …) for the benefit of the buyer, and the latter receives the title deed, i.e. the tapu, and in case it is The property is not ready for delivery or under construction, as the title deed (title deed) is not delivered to the buyer until after the property is delivered to him.

Knowing that the property tax in Turkey amounts to about 4% of the price of the property, and it is paid 2% by the seller and the remaining 2% by the buyer. Turkish, which may be a year, two or three years, and can be renewed later, bearing in mind that this residence is granted exclusively to foreigners who own real estate in Turkey.

The purchase contract consists of a number of items and is written in both languages, the client’s language for example Arabic and Turkish, and the contract is signed by the two parties, the seller and the buyer, and the company in one of the company’s offices in Turkey. Of course, this is done as soon as the amount submitted by the customer is paid, where the property is reserved for him until the title deed is officially received from the Land Department and Land Registry in the city in which the transaction took place, and in addition to the purchase contract, the following documents are attached:

Conditions for owning a property in Turkey, the required official documents:

  • A copy of the real estate project building permit and its registration document in the municipality in the concerned state
  • Two recent personal photos of the buyer
  • A copy of the title deed, to be transferred to the buyer later
  • Copies of all company documents, such as a copy of its record in the Chamber of Commerce, a company’s establishment license and a copy of its commercial activity
شراء عقار في تركيا داخل المقال

Sixth : One of the most important conditions for owning a property in Turkey. Once the real estate project obtains military approval and fully completes all procedures with the relevant security authorities, the customer is summoned again to Turkey and he must come within 15 days to receive the title deed, and then he also pays The remaining amount to the selling party, after which the title deed of the real estate is handed over to the buyer in the Land Department and the Land Registry and officially,

Where this is done in the presence of both parties, the buyer and the representative of the company, and also in the presence of the sworn translator, who has been assigned in advance with this subject, where the translator, at the moment of delivering the title deed, presents some information related to the property to the buyer by the employee in the department, and not by a notary, as is the case in many countries. In the European Union, the issue in Turkey is different.

It should also be noted that if the buyer is not able to come to Turkey within the specified period, which is 15 days, there is the possibility for the buyer to send another person to represent him in the first stage of the sale and sign the sale contract

It is also possible for the buyer to assign a person to receive the title deed on his behalf later, by a specific and official private agency that is written at the notary in the buyer’s country outside Turkey, and it also requires attestation of this agency in the embassy or The Turkish consulate in the country or residence of the buyer.

As for the legal aspect :

In the month of December / December and determination in the Turkish capital, Ankara, the people’s parliament, i.e. the Turkish parliament, had issued a decision allowing foreigners the right to own real estate inside Turkey and on Turkish lands in accordance with the principle of reciprocity, that is, citizens of countries that allow Turkish citizens to own are entitled to On its territory to own property inside Turkish territory.

But then, specifically in September 2012, due to the real estate crisis in Turkey, which was the victim of most of the construction companies in Turkey, the Turkish government sought to help and limit the consequences of the crisis and get out of it by issuing a decision to amend the legal article The parliament itself, which stipulates granting the right to own property to all citizens of the world and abolishing the principle of reciprocity.

Conditions for owning a property in Turkey Taxes and fees :

  • Fees for obtaining the title deed: $ 90.
  • The municipality fees in the real estate area are annual and at the rate: 0.03% of the property value in the purchase contract and are paid in the municipality every year in May / May and are in exchange for services related to the municipality’s urban planning in the concerned area, i.e. the real estate area.
  • The real estate ownership tax in Turkey is at the rate: 4% of the total value of the property is shared between the seller and the buyer.
  • Certification and translation of the buyer’s passport into Turkish costs: approximately 25 USD.
  • The costs of calling a sworn translator registered with the Syndicate of Translators in Turkey / English-Turkish / are: ($ 100) US dollars.
  • Fees paid for submitting a property transfer request for the property, which are paid to the Maps Office at the Land Department and Land Registry, are: ($ 200) USD

Important note : One of the conditions for owning a property in Turkey that the buyer must pay attention to is that the property tax in the Turkish Republic is paid only once upon handing over the title deed of the property only and it is not an annual tax.

And now we have learned about the most important conditions for owning a property in Turkey and the things that must be taken into account when buying and writing the purchase contract

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