It is worth noting that Istanbul was the capital of many civilizations throughout the ages of the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire, the Latin Empire, and Istanbul, the city of magic and beauty in Turkey and the economic capital in it (the administrative capital of Ankara)


Istanbul is considered one of the largest Turkish cities, with an area of 6220 km, and it is divided into two parts separated by the Bosphorus, to be part of it in the Asian continent and part of it in the European continent.

The population reaches 16 million people and they are Turkish only, while the number of foreigners there is more than 3 million people.

The city is located in a climate change zone, that is, between the regions in which the oceanic climate prevails and the regions in which the Mediterranean climate prevails.

The city is divided into 39 provinces (neighborhoods), and each of these districts is distinguished by several things that differ from the other provinces. There are a total of 27 provinces that are fully serviced provinces.

Economy :

Istanbul was the backbone of Turkey’s economic life since ancient times, due to its location, which is the link between sea and land trade routes, and which Turkey sought to air routes also through the opening of the new airport (the largest airport in the world).

The city produces 55% of Turkey’s exports, and contributes more than 21% of the Turkish national product.

Istanbul is also one of the most important tourist sites in Turkey, as it annually attracts more than 10 million people annually, because it contains historical monuments from ancient civilizations and also for its beautiful landscapes that attract many tourists, as it has thousands of hotels and sites dedicated to tourists.

Transportation :

Everyone who visited Istanbul praised the public transportation in Istanbul, as this network is highly connected and covers all parts of Istanbul.

Among the most famous of these transportation are:

  • Tramway (electric trains)
  • Subway
  • Metrobus (bus lines with separate lanes)
  • Regular buses

And do not forget also the marine transportation, which is also an option for transportation, especially between the European and Asian side of the city.

مدينة الجمال داخل المقال

Istanbul also contains two airports:

  • Sabiha Kosgen Airport in the Asian section
  • Istanbul’s new airport in the European section

Health centers:

The city always competes on all levels, and being one of the most important centers in Turkey, the Turkish state has been keen to feed this city with a large number of government and private hospitals, and in 2020 Sham Hospital, the largest hospital in Europe, was opened.

It is also famous for medical tourism, where there are many hair transplant centers and cosmetic centers in general.


The city contains many universities with a reputation and a prestigious global ranking, and it is the first and oldest university in it is Istanbul University, which was established in 1453 AD.

The city also contains many public and private schools located in every district of Istanbul.

The city attracts many students around the world, especially Arab students, for a number of reasons that are due to economic and health reasons, and education in it also develops greatly.

Real estate :

There is no doubt that most of Istanbul’s visitors always have a desire to buy a property there, either for family stability or investment, and also to benefit from the naturalization law in real estate investment.

The city contains many residential and huge investment projects that suit all tastes and needs, as the prices of apartments start from 50 thousand dollars.

From here comes its importance, as the aforementioned points drive many people to invest and settle in this city, where the cultural and civilizational diversity and also the ease of living, especially for families who want stability, the city believes in education, work and tourism in one place.

Of course, there are some things that we must mention, which are considered one of the defects of any large city. Traffic congestion at peak times is one of the defects, and the city is also considered, compared to other Turkish cities, the most expensive in terms of living.

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