Real Estate Management 2020

الادارة العقارية

When you buy a property through Advance, you will get the company’s services in real estate management, which are mostly free.

What is real estate management :

Real estate management

The concept of real estate management in Advance is summed up that we are working on managing your property as if we are the actual owner of the property, so we know very well the importance of time and the first concern for us is to preserve the property and obtain the highest possible investment interest from the property or even when you want to resell it.

And from here comes the services of Advance company in real estate management:

First after sales services :

1- Renting the property as desired by the property owner (daily – tourist – monthly) and giving him an investment profile in all cases. 2- Follow up on all maintenance matters. 4- Display the property on the Advance website if the customer wants to resell it. 5- Obtaining the necessary insurance for the property. 6- Applying for you and your family to real estate residence (or following up the citizenship file in the event of buying a property to obtain Turkish citizenship). 7- Follow up with the client in installments.

Second, public services:

Real estate management

1- Paying the property’s monthly dues from bills and returns. 2- Collecting the rent from the tenant and sending it to the property owner. 3- Cleaning the apartment when the tenant leaves it and returning it for rent if the owner desires. 4- Signing or renewing the lease contract with the lessee in a way that guarantees the rights of the owner. 5- Providing the customer with Turkish market information when prices rise or fall, and the best time to resell the property. 6- Helping with furnishing the property, changing the decor or re-painting.

Now real estate investment is no longer an obstacle for you if you are outside Turkey, we are here at Advance, we facilitate all procedures and take them for you and we guarantee all your rights legally through the real estate management department in the company.

By virtue of our experience in the real estate market in Turkey, we shorten the time for our customers and save them many of the costs and fines that may fall due to the reason of lack of knowledge of the laws and regulations in Turkey. Even if you bought a property before, you can still contact us for our services in the real estate administration

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