Real estate prices in Turkey 2021

اسعار العقارات في تركيا

Real estate prices in Turkey differ from one region to another, and from one state to another and from one project to another, and also differ in terms of project status, is the project under construction or ready, so the options are very numerous and it can be said that they fit all clients’ budgets, and also there are apartments. Houses / houses, shops, agricultural and non-agricultural lands, etc. And real estate prices in Turkey are all in continuous growth, due to normal, natural and other developmental data in the Turkish states and cities.

Among the reasons for the boom in real estate prices in Turkey :

  • The taxes on real estate prices in Turkey have been reduced, with the approval of the Turkish government, several times and continuously.
  • . Among the reasons also is the social and political stability in Turkey, along with the unfavorable problems and conditions that the surrounding areas are going through.
  • Providing a lot of facilities to the foreign investor, such as real estate residency, and also the possibility of obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment in Turkey.
  • Completed projects in infrastructure and new projects that are globally competitive projects, such as the largest airport in the world – Istanbul Airport and the future project – Istanbul Water Canal.

“Turkey’s strategic location and all the ingredients that it possesses, in terms of location, natural resources, is sufficient to make Turkey witness a renaissance in the field of real estate like the one it has already witnessed now.”

The previous saying is marketed as an economic fact, but the reality denies that, considering that the real estate sector always needs to be based on firm foundations specially prepared for this renaissance, as Turkey is currently leading huge projects to develop the infrastructure, the advanced and modern transportation network, new large airports and projects. Related to urban renewal.

العقارات في تركيا داخل المقال 2

In addition to all that, providing many government facilities to investors and real estate developers, which affect the real estate field in Turkey positively with regard to growth and development in quantity, prices and type.

The characteristics and advantages of Turkey make it the ideal environment for successful real estate investment, due to the great efforts that have been changed by the Turkish government in the last 20 years and at all levels for the advancement of the new Turkey.

We offer you some examples of real estate prices in Turkey during the year 2021 :

Despite all the prosperity that occurred in the last decade in Turkey and the great renaissance the country has witnessed, Turkey is still a fund full of promising opportunities for real estate investment, and real estate prices in Turkey are a great competitor to real estate prices in developing countries, even as they are the cheapest among them, as well as in comparison. In European countries, as well as the same thing regarding the issue of commercial real estate, as for cities, Istanbul is considered at the top of the Turkish cities that have attracted the largest number of foreign investors, followed by Yalova and Antalya.

We offer our customers some real estate prices in Turkey in more than one area that we think are excellent, whether for investment or housing :

Project codeRegionPrices start from
ADV 555Cady Coy851.250 Turkish Lira
ADV 561Bahcesehir714.000 Turkish Lira
ADV 567Kucukcekmece485.590 Turkish Lira

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