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الاستقرار في تركيا

Many people in recent years turn to stability in Turkey, because it offers an environment close to our culture and also the lack of a sponsor and can work in several areas, and often a person has many inquiries about stability in Turkey and what are the costs and legal methods, in this article we will get to know On all these procedures and steps that can be followed in all cases to live and settle in Turkey

This article will cover all aspects of stability in Turkey, especially in Istanbul, in terms of home – residency and their types – studies – establishing a company in Turkey – and some other matters

First: real estate in Turkey

The first step to settling in Turkey is to search for the suitable property to live in, for this step is based on all the next steps, and in this case the person who wants to settle in Turkey has two options

The first option: buying an apartment in Turkey

Buying a property in Turkey is always a better option in terms of stability and securing the right home for your family is one of the best options

Istanbul has many real estate projects in all regions, and real estate prices vary in terms of the real estate area, the location of the property, the property’s finishes, and it also differs if it is inside a complex or a normal building.

The prices of apartments in Turkey start from 60 thousand dollars, and some projects that are still under construction offer the possibility of installments.

In the event of buying a property, the owner of the property, the wife and children under the age of 18 are entitled to apply for a real estate residence for a period of two years, which is renewable.

The second option: rent an apartment

In Turkey, there is a law that states that whoever owns one or more real estate in Turkey worth 250 thousand dollars can obtain Turkish citizenship, also this law includes the owner of the property, wife and children under the age of 18, and for more information about this law for Turkish citizenship, you can read the following article Obtaining Turkish citizenship through real estate investment with a value of 250 thousand dollars

Some people also tend to rent an apartment, and here you have many options, according to the areas in Istanbul.

Rental costs range from 1,500 liras to 2,500 liras per month, depending on the number of rooms and the location of the apartment, and these apartments are often not furnished.

In the event of renting an apartment, you do not have the right to apply for real estate residency, but rather you have the right to apply for tourist residency that is renewed annually. From here we move on to the second step

Second: Residency and its types in Turkey

There are several types of residency in Turkey, which are:

Tourist accommodation

People of most nationalities have the right to apply for tourist residency, and there are some conditions and papers that must be met when submitting the application, which are: Book an appointment in the Turkish Immigration Department – Health insurance – Tax number – House rental contract in Turkey – Tax allowance payment – Personal photos There are some additional papers that may be required and vary from case to case The tourist residence is an annual, renewable residence

Real estate residence:

A person who owns a property in Turkey is entitled to apply for a real estate residence permit, and it also includes the wife and children under the age of 18. The residence is for a period of two years and is renewable. The documents required for real estate residence are the same documents required for tourist residence, but according to the difference in the lease contract with the ownership deed (Tabu).

Student residence:

Students registered in private or government Turkish universities are entitled to obtain student residency after obtaining the student’s paper from the university. And also the same tourist residence papers, but the difference exempts the student from residence allowance taxes

– Residence of the investor (work permit)

This type of residency is obtained if you have a company or you are a partner in it, and the company must be either a limited liability company or a joint stock company. In this type of residency, the application is made through the company’s legal accountant, and he prepares the necessary files and applies for residency. As for the costs of all kinds of stays, they differ according to the type of residence, the person’s nationality and age, so you can contact our legal services department and learn more about stays, their types and costs, by visiting the following website: Legal services website. You can also contact our legal services official through the following number: 00905350546043

Third: Establishing a business in Turkey

It is considered one of the most important steps for stability and living in Turkey. Most of those who want to settle in Turkey go to Istanbul specifically for many reasons, the most important of which are: Population density, as Istanbul includes 18 million Turkish citizens and 5 million residents of different nationalities. Istanbul is the commercial capital of Turkey because it contains more commercial diversity and investment opportunities than other Turkish cities. – The possibility of working in many fields such as import and export – tourism – public services – opening a café or shops for crafts and many other fields

One of the most important laws that must be known in Turkey is that there are some types of specializations in Turkey that are prohibited to practice for foreigners, and it is only for Turks, and they are: Medicine – dentistry – pharmacy – the legal profession – and state functions, otherwise it is possible to work in all other fields without the need for a Turkish sponsor or partner.

You only need to start in your field of work is to choose a business field and establish a company (often a limited liability company is established) Here at Advance, we help you to establish your company within the shortest possible period of time with small set-up costs. The establishment of the company in Turkey. You can also contact our legal services official through the following number: 00905350546043

Stability in Turkey

Fourth: the study in Turkey

Turkey contains many public and private universities and schools, and Turkey has a high rating for the quality of education.

Schools in Turkey are divided into two types
1- Governmental Schools:

Foreigners are allowed to register their children in Turkish government schools and at all stages of the study only. One of its conditions is to obtain a tourist residence to register for it, and the costs of government schools are often free or for a small fee.

2- Private schools:

There are many private schools in Turkey that teach all types of curricula such as the British curriculum – the American curriculum – the Arab curriculum, and also there are schools that teach curricula approved by their countries such as Sudanese, Libyan, Lebanese and Syrian schools. The costs of these schools vary according to the strength of the school, the curriculum taught, and the stage of study On average, it costs 2,500 to 3,000 dollars a year.

For university studies in Turkey, there are 3 options for foreign students in Turkey

Some Turkish universities are ranked among the top 500 universities around the world and most universities are among the top 2000 universities around the world. Turkish universities compete with European universities in terms of the level and development of education and global ranking

1- public universities:

Unlike most neighboring countries, foreign students have the right to register at public universities in Turkey, and for a small fee for most universities.

The student has the right to apply and compare with all Turkish governmental universities, of course knowing that there are conditions specified for applying to these universities and among these conditions The Elios test, which is a mathematics test (questions of intelligence – algebra – engineering), and the student must obtain an average of at least 70% to apply to public universities Or obtaining a SAT certificate with a score of no less than 1100. Only some universities can be selected through the SAT test, and most of them require the YOS test. For your information, some universities outside Turkish cities do not require any of this certificate, and the comparison can be made through the high school diploma only.

It is worth noting that the number of seats for foreign students is very limited, as an average of 10 seats for each major and the number of applicants is very high, for this admission to public universities is not guaranteed.

2- Turkish government scholarship:

The Turkish government scholarship opens its doors at the beginning of each year in the first month of the same, and the application period for it is only one month It is a grant that covers all study and living costs and a monthly stipend for students, and there are some conditions that the scholarship requires to apply for Including age and average, and the scholarship is available for bachelors, masters and doctorates.

3- Private universities:

Private universities in Turkey are classified among the best universities in the region, as some of them are among the best 400 universities around the world, and also one of the most important features that distinguishes private universities is the strong and developed infrastructure and modern teaching methods that depend on a practical method more than theoretical, and private universities have programs Student exchange with European universities. And it provides job opportunities in one of the largest companies and factories after graduation.

Private universities fees are between 2000 to 6000 dollars annually (varies according to the university and the language of specialization and specialization)

Of course, except for medical specialties, prices start from 12 thousand dollars annually and reach 25 thousand dollars annually. Advance is an official agent for a large number of private Turkish universities and provides special discounts for students provided through the company with many free services and consultations, and Advance does not charge any fees for registering students in universities, as it is an official agent and not an intermediary. For more information about studying in Turkey and universities, you can visit our educational website from here: Advance educational website.

You can also contact our educational services department through the following number: 00905387812693

Thus, you will have formed an idea about stability in Turkey and living in it from the most important aspects related to life in Turkey, and also in case of any inquiries do not hesitate to contact us to answer all your inquiries, we have an integrated work team to help all those wishing to come to Turkey through departments Company:

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