Types of title deeds in Turkey updated 2020

انواع الطابو في تركيا

The types of title deeds in Turkey are divided into two types:

Full title deed, red color (full title deed)

A title deed of blue color (easement title)

Several forms of tapu are branched from these types in Turkey, and in this article we will learn about the types of tapu in Turkey

Types of Turkish tapu

1- The title deed in Turkey is the complete tabu, and it is divided into two types:

Full title deed (Tapu): The owner of the property gets it after purchasing the residential property in Turkey, and the property is ready and has obtained a housing license from the municipality. This law was issued at the beginning of 2018. The holder of the full title Tapu can apply for real estate residency or Turkish citizenship if he fulfills the conditions for obtaining Turkish citizenship. It is possible to enter more than one partner in the capital, and the permissible limit is 50 people, but only one title deed is extracted, and not more than one title deed for each partner

Time title deed: It is a title deed that is for a specific period of the year to be agreed upon, and these types of real estate are often found in tourist areas. This type of tapu cannot be used in real estate residency or citizenship transactions, or even for fixing the address in Turkey. Also, this type is not subject to participation in the capital, but more than one tapu can be extracted according to the period of ownership of each person.

2- The second type of the tabu in Turkey is the blue tabu, and it is divided into three types:

– Architectural land title deeds (housing): It is granted for lands previously approved by the municipality and suitable for construction (villa – building – independent house). This type of title deed belongs to the municipality in the city in which the land is located. The permissible age of the land is from 15% to 55% of the total land area.

Agricultural land titles: This type of title deed belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture, and is granted for agricultural lands whose area is not less than 5 square kilometers and not more than 100 square kilometers. Construction is permitted on it, provided that its area is not less than 5 square kilometers. The permissible age ratio for this type ranges from 5% to 20%.

Vast lands title deeds: This type of title deed is granted by the Ministry of Forestry for lands whose area is not less than 100 square kilometers or more, and these lands are outside the cities. Always this type of land is not yet planned or serviced. The permissible age for this type of land is only 2%.

All types of blue tabu can be used to obtain Turkish citizenship in the event that the conditions are fulfilled and they are treated the same, but there must be a construction plan that must be submitted and approved in order to be able to extract citizenship on this type of land.

Also, this type of Tabu (Blue Tabu) cannot be used to apply for real estate residence or to use it as a title for a tourist stay.

There is an additional type of title deed, which is also called easement title deed, and it is sometimes issued in blue and sometimes in red (depending on the municipality from which it is issued). This type of title deed is used for real estate that is still in construction status. This title deed is converted into a full title deed when the property finishes building and obtains the housing license from the municipality. This type of title deed is treated as the title deed of urban land until it is replaced by the title deed of complete ownership

Types of Turkish tapu

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